President met by protesters at fundraiser for Gov. Walker

After a stop in Waukesha, President Donald Trump joined Governor Scott Walker at a private fundraiser Tuesday night.

The President’s motorcade was met by angry protesters Tuesday afternoon, as he arrived at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Milwaukee.

“We’re here to take a stand against the polices that are anti-worker, racist and sexist and anti-muslim,” said Bryan Pfeifer, one of the protestors.

The Protest, organized by Milwaukee County Board supervisor Marcelia Nicholson, took aim at Gov. Walker and President Trump’s polices on unions and wages.

“This state was built on hard labor, it once held a thriving middle class, because of Walker’s low wage policies, we’re turning in to low wage Wisconsin,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson says this group wants to see an emphasis on education and an increased minimum wage.

“We’re tired of working two and three jobs to support our families,” Nicholson said.

Tuesday’s visit marks the President’s second to the state since taking office and he made several others during the campaign and after the election.

“I just want to say personally, I don’t welcome trump to Wisconsin,” Nicholson said.

Some protestors don’t want the President making any more trips to the Badger state.

He’s not welcome here,” Pfeifer said. “To the poor and working people of Wisconsin, he’s the enemy of us.”

Others welcome the President, even if they disagree with nearly everything he says.

“I appreciate him communicating with people in Wisconsin,” said Jim Carpenter, one of the protestors. “So I’m not against him coming to Wisconsin, what I’m against is his policies.”

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