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Preserving Your Memories through The Crafty Craze of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking today is so much more than the photo albums of year's past.  People take this hobby very seriously.  So much so there's a special day for it.  I wanted to see what the craze is all about so I spent a little time at The Scrapbook Store in Greenfield.  Owner Christine Slak tells me you don't have to be an artsy person to do this either.  Just a little creativity and some good pictures.  Of course the right utensils, like proper adhesive and scissors, are essential.  And the rest is up to you.  

I'm told the online creative site, Pinterest, has helped excel the interest of scrapbooking lately.  Pocket pages and new ink techniques are giving this pastime a modern look to it as well.

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