Pregnant woman hurt while picking up daughter from Mayfair Mall fight, Black Panthers demand action

NOW: Pregnant woman hurt while picking up daughter from Mayfair Mall fight, Black Panthers demand action

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Original Black Panthers of Milwaukee are now demanding action after a pregnant woman says she was hurt during the large fight at Mayfair Mall over the weekend.

The fight happened around 8:30 p.m. Saturday.

Wauwatosa Police said an adult male and a juvenile were arrested and cited for disorderly conduct.

Cellphone video from inside the mall shows a group of about 20 people running through the mall.

“It was beyond chaos,” a witness said. “They were just yelling and screaming and knocking people over.”

A woman who is 36-weeks pregnant said she went to the mall to pick up her daughter who was involved and was detained by mall security.

She said security took her to the ground, and she was hospitalized for two days as a result.

The Black Panthers stormed the mall Wednesday demanding answers from the mall.

“The Mayfair Mall Security attacked her, threw her on the ground, made her lie on her stomach while she was 8 months pregnant,” King Rick with the Black Panthers said. “They handcuffed her, roughed her up.”

The Black Panthers are asking for the security personnel involved to be fired.

“We’re looking into the matter,” Chris Jaeger, Mayfair Mall General Manager, said in response to King Rick. “It’s an investigation at this point. I really can’t go into detail, but I am sensitive to your position on it.”

A sign in the mall shows the mall’s curfew policy. Kids under 17 must be accompanied by an adult 21-years-old or older after 3 p.m. on the weekends.

Some who witnessed the fight say the mall needs more security.

“I am with the security officers,” a witness to the fight said. “I think they handled the situation the best that they could, being overpowered. I’m pretty sure that they were scared too.”

Statement from the mall:

"Thanks for reaching out. There is nothing more important than providing our community with a safe, peaceful shopping environment. Following the unfortunate, isolated incident last night at Mayfair Mall, below is an official statement from our security vendor, Andy Frain Services:"
"This is a developing police investigation led by the Wauwatosa Police Department, and we are directing all inquiries to them. However, we can confirm that the individuals involved were disruptive, uncooperative and became physically assaultive towards our security officers."
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