POW returns home to Kenosha

A solider finally comes home to Kenosha after disappearing almost 50 years ago.

In January, 1967 Ssgt. James Vanbendegom left his home in Kenosha to serve his country in Vietnam not knowing his return would not take place until 47 years later.

On Sunday I-94 and Hwy 158 was graced with flags as police and the patriot guard escorted Staff Sergeant James Vanbendegom to his final resting place.

\"The camaraderie here is amazing. Its really nice to see and a good thing to feel,\" said Alicia Madden.

She came with her mother from Gurnee, Illinois.

\"All service members should be honored whether it happened 30 or 40 years ago they all deserve the honor and respect from us,\"said Lisa Madden.

Ssgt. Vanbendegom arrived in Milwaukee shortly before noon, from there he was taken to Kenosha.

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