Pothole Problems

MILWAUKEE-City and Counties are trying to get a head start on the surge of potholes being reported.

Worker's from the Milwaukee Public Work's Department were busy Thursday along the 1400 block of West Center street on the city's north side, as well as five other locations. They're aim: To cover up the number of potholes that have popped up around the city.

Paul Brady, Milwaukee's street operation's supervisor say's “As soon as the arctic temperatures start up, and then it warms up again and re-freezes, it's time to start pothole patching,”

But there are many residents from Milwaukee to Waukesha who say that patching should be  year-round work.

Nicholas Whitestone who hails from California say's he's not conditioned to the number of potholes in Waukesha. While Sanchez Lewis who lives on the near south-side of Milwaukee claims potholes have done serious damage to his car.

In fact, according to some reports, the city of Milwaukee received more than 6,600 complaints about potholes in 2013...up 92% from 2012.

But officials from the state Department of Transportation and the Milwaukee Public Works Department say they are doing all they can for 2014.

By the way, to make a complaint about potholes in Milwaukee, call (414) 286-2489.

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