Potawatomi Hotel & Casino resumes 24-hour operations

NOW: Potawatomi Hotel & Casino resumes 24-hour operations

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - Potawatomi Hotel and Casino is officially back open 24/7 after limiting hours during the pandemic.

Monday, Oct. 18 was the first time in 19 months Potawatomi was open for a full 24 hours. The casino was previously only open until 4 a.m.

Public relations manager Ryan Amundson said staffing played a big part in moving forward with the decision to open up full-time.

"Hiring and staffing has been a huge issue for us," Amundson said. "Just like it's been a huge issue for the service sector throughout the region."

But the casino has started making a dent in hiring people. A job fair will also take place in the coming weeks as there are still about 100 positions available.

"Across the board. A lot of frontline positions, looking for people in our food and beverage departments. Looking for people in security. Looking for people in table games," Amundson said.

If you plan on heading to Potawatomi, face masks are optional, but strongly encouraged if you are not vaccinated. Staff are still required to wear masks, and plastic partitions between machines are being left up.

"We still encourage people to keep six feet of separation from one another," Amundson said. "No smoking on the floor at this point."

Amundson said it feels good to get things back to normal for visitors.

"We're happy we don't have to close those doors again and I would imagine they feel the same way," he said.

The job fair will take place at Potawatomi on Wednesday, Nov. 3 from 2-6 p.m.

“Twenty-four-hour-a-day entertainment has been a part of this property’s identity for many years,” said Potawatomi Hotel & Casino CEO/General Manager Dominic Ortiz. “This marks one more milestone in our journey back to fully re-opening. Everyone here is thrilled each time we take another step toward a return to pre-pandemic operations.”

According to a news release, in addition to new hours, the property is excited to re-introduce table games to the floor Nov. 1.

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