Possible Scam Targets Soon-To-Be Mothers

A warning from a pregnant woman in Florida.

She made a video of her experience and uploaded it to Facebook where it has gained a lot of attention. She says someone called her claiming to work for an insurance company, but thinks they were plotting an abduction of her unborn child.

We talked to a local provider, the VP of Children's Community Health Plan, Mark Rakowski, who says insurers do make phone calls to ask for information, but, if you're worried that someone is trying to get personal information improperly, there are things that you can ask.

"We have their date of birth, member ID, we can validate that. We don't deal with social security numbers, we would never ask about that," Rakowski says.

He also says that if you ever feel uncomfortable with the line of questioning, call the customer service line for your insurance company and ask for the rep who called you for verification.

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