Possible release of police video gains national, local attention

NOW: Possible release of police video gains national, local attention

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) - A video that almost no one was seen yet is being talked about everywhere.

It’s related to the arrest of Bucks rookie Sterling Brown, and Milwaukee police announced they plan on releasing it to the public soon.

The announcement of this video’s coming release instantly made national headlines and now virtually everyone is talking about it, from national news organizations to your neighbors.

“It was a disturbing video when I saw it and I know that the Chief feels the same way,” said Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

The topic came up at a listening session Tuesday for the La Keisha Butler, the new head of the Fire and Police Commission.

Butler has seen the video and is worried about what will happen when it is released.

“I think we would be every time we see a use of force executed,” said Butler, “I think the chief has done what he can in terms of informing the community in kind of trying to lay the groundwork and context for it.”

The only reason anyone knows the video is coming is that the police department is trying to get out ahead of it, something Alderman Jose Perez applauds.

“I think its transparent, it’s taken a while to review everything and like I said, if there is anyone to be held accountable it will be done affectivley and appropriately,” said Perez.

Sterling Brown’s lawyers says he won’t comment until the video is released, he thinks that will be Tuesday.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales says the video will be released when the investigation is complete.  He did not say when that might happen.

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