Pollen Forecast

Oh the winds of change!  It's that time of the year when we rejoice in the milder weather. But, for allergy sufferers it might be a different story. As temperatures average around 50° for highs and lows climb to and above the freezing mark, plants, grasses, flowers and trees turn alive again for the season.  If you've been sniffling and sneezing, it may be allergies. Here's a look at the pollen forecast. Data is from Pollen.com

The predominant pollens for today are Juniper and Alder.


Pollen levels over 5 indicate a moderate pollen level. When numbers climb over eight, pollen levels are considered to be high. In addition, windy days carry the pollen through the air leading to higher pollen counts. If you see sunny windy days in the forecast in the coming weeks, you can bet that pollen levels will be higher those days. Generally, the peak times for pollen avoidance is during the afternoon. 

At least this week temperatures return to and slightly above normal!

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