Police: Suspect in Killing of Pastor's Wife Seen on Surveillance

(CBS NEWS) Police in Indianapolis believe a man captured on surveillance footage near the home where a pastor's pregnant wife was shot Tuesday is responsible for her death.

Amanda Blackburn, 28, died Thursday, two days after she was shot during what police say was a burglary. Investigators said during a Friday morning press conference that there was another burglary Thursday morning, two houses down from where Blackburn lived with her husband Davey.

Police believe that a burglar or burglars entered the other house around 5:30 a.m. Tuesday and took televisions and laptop computers, which they believe were put into a dark colored SUV.

Investigators believe the suspect then saw Davey Blackburn leaving his home about 40 minutes later. A neighbor reported hearing gunshots at about 6:45.

"We believe that the people saw this as a home where they could get in and take some things. It just so happens that Amanda was home ... and she was murdered," said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Capt. Craig Converse.

He said that one suspect was seen on security cameras walking near the Blackburns' home.

"We know who killed her, at least we have a picture of him, though we don't have a name," Converse said. Police have not released any surveillance images of the suspect.

Assistant Commander Eric Hench said the suspect was seen by multiple witnesses in the suburban neighborhood where the Blackburns lived.

Witnesses said a man was seen walking in a hooded sweatshirt, and at least one reported the hood was "cinched down" to obscure the man's face.

"To the individual who committed this crime: You are not as good as you think you are. You left behind evidence," Hench said. He did not say what other evidence police had collected, though the head of a forensics lab was among representatives of a dozen agencies and police units who said at the press conference that they are working together on the case.

The Blackburns moved from South Carolina to Indianapolis in 2012 to start the Resonate Church on the city's north side. They have a young son and Blackburn was 12 weeks pregnant with their second child.

"It's impossible to communicate all the emotions my heart has been forced to process," Davey Blackburn said in a statement released Wednesday. "My wife was such a beautiful, gracious, loving woman of God."

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