Police step up OWI enforcement ahead of Thanksgiving weekend

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- More than 40 law enforcement agencies across southeast Wisconsin are doubling down on drunk drivers.

The Impaired Driving Task Force held a roll call Wednesday, Nov. 26. 

Police say they've seen a decrease in the number of drunk drivers since they started the task force a decade ago.

"The ride-sharing I think is a big part of that," said Wauwatosa Police Lt. Brad Beckman. "People have gotten the message as well. Part of our enforcement too, especially in the city of Wauwatosa, is we will make contact at the bars throughout the day. Our officers will go in there, be proactive, let the bartenders know, let the patrons know and see us, that we're out for the night."

CBS 58 rode along with Greenfield police Wednesday night. They didn't pull over any impaired drivers, but did catch someone speeding and one car with expired tags.

Police will continue the increased enforcement through the end of the holiday weekend.

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