Police release new info on fight and fire alarm on last day of State Fair

On the last day of the Wisconsin State Fair on Sunday, August 13 at 4:04 PM, Wisconsin State Fair Park police were called to the Cream Puff Bakery because a female employee of the Wisconsin Baker’s Association was fired but refused to leave.

The woman became disruptive and uncooperative, and the officer on the scene attempted to calm her down.

When the officer began to escort the woman from the Cream Puff Pavilion she physically assaulted the officer. The officer was attempting to take the woman into custody when a 19-year-old man and relative of the woman intervened in the arrest. A struggle ensued between the officer and the two suspects and the 19-year-old woman broke free and left the building.

The 19-year-old man was taken into custody at the scene.

During the struggle with police, someone pulled the building’s fire alarm at 4:11 PM causing the public to evacuate the building.

Onlookers thought that the woman may have had a gun when she left, but officers and other cream puff employees confirmed the woman was not armed. Police believe a cell phone her hand was mistaken as a weapon. During the investigation it was also determined that witnesses who reported hearing gun shots most likely heard a door in the Cream Puff Bakery slamming shut multiple times.

State Fair Park conducted a full sweep of the facility after the building was evacuated, and it re-opened to the public just before 5:00 PM on Sunday.

The woman was later arrested and faces charges of Battery to a Law Enforcement Officer and Disorderly Conduct. The man was arrested for a potential charge for Obstructing an Officer.

Both suspects are expected in court on September 7.

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