Police release new body cam video of September shooting at Greenfield Meijer

NOW: Police release new body cam video of September shooting at Greenfield Meijer

GREENFIELD, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Shots fired sent shoppers scrambling outside a Meijer store in Greenfield. It happened in September. Surveillance and body cam video released today reveal the shocking scene as it unfolded.

The morning of Sept. 28 found shoppers and workers walking and driving through this parking lot. But, the plans for three of them changed dramatically because of a dispute between strangers.

A chaotic scene as Greenfield police responded the morning of Sept. 28. From store surveillance we see a blue Toyota 4-runner. A husband and wife in it were leaving Meijer in search of her favorite hash browns.

Mai Her told police, "And was like a little walkway crossway and the guy he just came out of nowhere."

Her tells police the man, identified in reports as Eliut Cruz-Cruz, yelled at her husband, Steven Dunlap, claiming Dunlap disregarded a crosswalk.

"And then the guy's like you hear me? You got a problem with me? And then he reached inside our car, the driver's side and started punching my husband like this and grabbed my husband," said Her.

A fight ensued right outside the doors. Meijer's camera doesn't show it, but Dunlap says Cruz-Cruz was kicking him in the face, ribs and arms. A witness called 911 and told dispatch, "There were two guys who were fighting, and a woman came out with a gun and shot one of them."

The camera does show her get out of the vehicle, arms up, pointing in the direction of the fight. A minute later, she briefly returns to the 4-runner, then gets out again and stays until police arrive.

"And I told him I said stop, stop, stop, I'm scared for my life, I'm scared for my husband, I said stop I have a gun and I don't want to shoot you. I have gun, I have gun."

Her says she shot Cruz-Cruz to defend her husband. The gunshot, startling witnesses in the parking lot.

The Milwaukee County District Attorney's office reviewed the case, deciding to dismiss it with no charges to anyone. The woman, clearly shooting in self-defense. She had a CCW permit with her in the 4-runner.

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