Police Recover Milwaukee Woman's Stolen Power Wheel Chair

Milwaukee Police recovered the stolen wheel chair on Sunday in the 7800 block of W. Calumet Road. 

On Monday, November 14th, the victim of the theft, confirmed that the wheel chair recovered by MPD is hers. 

MPD has made arrangements to get the wheelchair back to the victim on Monday. 

The investigation is ongoing and MPD is seeking a suspect. 

Her power wheelchair was stolen on the block of North 39th Street and Hopkins St. last Monday morning as she was getting ready for work.

Rayquetta put the chair in her front yard, tucked behind a fence. Because getting down her front steps is the most difficult part of her morning routine, she did that first.

"This is like them taking my legs away. How you guys walk, my power chair is like my legs to me. This is my legs to me, and when my power chair got stolen it's like now I can't walk. Now I'm not able to do anything i was able to do," said Lawrence to CBS 58.

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