Police Officers Purchase Birthday Cake for Girl whose Mother Couldn't Afford a Cake

NORWICH, CT (WFSB) -Two Norwich police officers are being recognized by the department for going beyond the call of duty.

Norwich police officers Elizabeth Harsley and Christopher Hawrylik responded to a call involving an “emotionally distraught mother.”

The woman told them she was having a stressful day, and that it was her daughter’s birthday and she couldn’t afford to buy a cake for her.

Norwich police said the officers went out and purchased a birthday cake with their own money to give to the mother, so she and her daughter could enjoy her birthday together.

“Chief Fusaro and the Norwich Police Department are proud to have officers like Officer Hawrylik and Harsley who perform their duties faithfully and routinely go above and beyond the call of duty to serve the citizens of Norwich with compassion and concern,” Norwich Police posted on its Facebook page.


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