Police name shooting victim who died at Dist. 5 station

For the first time we're hearing from the family of the man who died at a Milwaukee police station.

He was brought there after getting shot and passed away despite the efforts of officers and paramedics.

Police say 51 year old Alvin Brown was the man who died.

Brown’s niece, Tameka Brown, said, “I never thought my uncle would be murdered in the streets cold blood and left to die.”

Alvin Brown is the 111th person murdered in Milwaukee this year.

His daughter, Shanika Brown, said, “He always kept a huge smile on his face he be happy to see anybody he know. He was a good man, he always help if he can, he just didn’t deserve to die this way.”

Police say Brown was shot about a half mile away from District 5 police headquarters early Thursday morning, and somebody drove him to the station.

“They tried to resuscitate him, ad all we know is they weren’t successful in resuscitating him and he died on the scene.” said Tameka Brown.

Milwaukee Police sergeant, Timothy Gauerke, says the person who drove Brown to the police station was an acquaintance and did talk to detectives.

Gauerke also said this isn’t the first time a shooting victim was taken to a police station.

He said,“Milwaukee Police Department recommends those experiencing medical emergencies call 911 and allow the Milwaukee Fire Department to respond for appropriate evaluation and treatment.”

Brown’s family says they plan to hold a vigil Monday night at five at District 5 police headquarters, they also have a go-fund me account set up to help pay for the funeral.

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