Police: Milwaukee man used Facebook Live to steal from homes

Police: Milwaukee man used Facebook Live to steal from homes


It's not your average how to video -- new court documents say a Milwaukee county man used facebook live to break into multiple homes.

Four homes on Milwaukee's south side were the scene of violent break-ins in the last year, and a search warrant just filed says it happened because of Facebook Live.

Each time, people were home, and were held at gun or knife point as multiple robbers demanded for money.

The warrant says a 27-year-old man made multiple Facebook Live videos showing how to break into his neighbor's houses and stating how many people live there.

Police explain a Facebook friend watched the video, and took the advice.

CBS 58 tracked down most of the victims of the home invasions, and many were too traumatized to speak about what happened.

One woman spoke about the experience, hoping her words will inspire the police to press charges.

"Right now she's just frightened because she remembered." The victim's son translated her answer from Spanish.

The warrant confirms the victim's husband wrestled the gun away from one of the would-be thieves and demasked him.

"You just got to fight them and you just got to be ready," said the victim.

She identified the demasked robber in a lineup months ago. he was arrested but hasn't been charged.

The man that made the Facebook Live videos also wasn't charged for any of the four hits, but he was charged in a separate burglary.

Joseph Olivo-Garcia plead guilty to stealing copper pipes from a vaccant south-side home in February.

Earlier this month, Olivo-Garcia didn't show up to his sentencing, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

The victim and mother tells CBS 58 she is angry that both men are still on the street. She says she sees the man that robbed her regularly.

"Still to this day the guy still passes by here and he wants to throw himself at my [family]," said the victim.

While in custody, the man arrested says Olivo-Garcia was responsible for all the break-ins, not him.

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