Police investigating after several homes sold to make room for Foxconn plant burglarized

NOW: Police investigating after several homes sold to make room for Foxconn plant burglarized

RACINE COUNTY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Several homes recently sold to make room for the new Foxconn plant have been burglarized.

Police say that the increase in break-ins has happened over the past few weeks. Other families are still trying to adjust to new homes.

"We're just kind of in limbo," said Sean McFarlane who lives in the Foxconn construction area. McFarlane says his new home isn't ready to move in yet.

"It feels stressful not knowing your exact living situation. My kids and wife ask me what we're doing," said McFarlane.

Mount Pleasant's Project Manager for Foxconn said the following, "While under no legal obligation to do so, the village provided the individual an extension of the time to be in the home and is working to accommodate further alternate housing, all provided to the individual rent free."

Meanwhile, the village was dealing with break-ins at a number of its newly acquired properties earlier in the month.

"It's disheartening, really. I mean, you're losing your home and then people break into the homes," said Carol Hoagsted who moved out of the Foxconn construction area.

"Very nervous at night with all the break-ins. My kids freaking out, saying they're hearing noises at night," said McFarlane.

The Police Chief told CBS 58 News,"In mid-July, the Village of Mount Pleasant Police Department stepped up patrols in the area of the Foxconn project as a result of reports of vandalism and break-ins at village-owned buildings slated for demolition. Since those changes were implemented, the village has not experienced any further break-ins."

The McFarlane's say they have until a week from next Monday to figure out where they'll go.

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