Police investigate a woman's body found

Milwaukee Police are investigating a body that was found at 36th and Florist. Residents like Jeff Ribar have more questions than answers. Questions like--- how did a young woman's body end up here, and who is she. 

Jeff Ribar found a body found next to his garage, \"I didn't even know what was going on and I was standing here at the fence talking to police officers, and I didn't even know she was there until I looked over there, and I said wow.\"

No one heard anything suspicious leading residents to  draw their own conclusions.

Jeff Ribar says, \"There was no mess or anything there, it looks like she was dumped there.\"

Police aren't saying much but also roped off a yard down the way covered with tire tracks. Residents believe a driver drove through the yard to get out because the alley is a dead end. 

Jeff Ribar says, \"It's hitting close to home now, especially me, it's right in front of my garage door, like I said the neighborhood has been getting bad.\"

Bad because Ribar says drug deals go down in broad daylight, with little hesitation. 

Ribar says, \"You walk the dog and there are crack baggies all over the neighborhood, but that's what it is.\"

It's leaving residents overwhelmed, with the growing problem-- now on their doorstep.

Ribar says, \"There's enough stuff here going on at night, you hear gunshots, we don't expect to find that.\"

Police are doing an autopsy and have not released an identity. 

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