Police Identify Clerk Killed by Alleged Shoplifting Suspect

A gas station clerk trying to chase off a robbery suspect is beaten to death in the street.

It happened this morning at the BP gas station on 26th and Lisbon.

Milwaukee Police identified the victim as Harjinder Singh.

Milwaukee Police continues to seek the suspect and the investigation is ongoing.           

Milwaukee Police confirmed he was struck by a bat.

The gas station reopened a few hours ago.

CBS 58 was told the employee was killed by the shoplifter.

Police said it happened around Thursday morning here at the BP gas station on W. Lisbon Avenue.

Police said a 34-year-old male employee chased a male suspect believed to be shoplifting.

There was a struggle and that is when police say the employee was killed.

CBS 59 spoke with a passerby who said she never stops for gas at this gas station because this area has gotten way too dangerous even in the daytime.

Darrell Pate owns Dep's Hall of Fades across the street and saw the aftermath.

"The gas worker seemed to have chased the thief with a baseball bat. I believe he threw the bat at the baseball thief. The thief picked up the baseball bat, attacked the man from behind and beat him to a bloody pulp. This is not the kind of pub you want for your business or the area. I definitely think this is counterproductive,” said Pate.

There is no description yet tonight of the suspect that police are looking for. 

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