Police Find Heroin After Man Arrested for 8th OWI

On Thursday, October 14 at 6:03 PM the Racine County Communication Center took a call from the I-94 Freeway Service Team that they had just dropped of a male with a disabled vehicle at the Highway 11 park and ride and that they believed him to be intoxicated.

The male and the vehicle were originally located by the I-94 Freeway Service Team on I-94 just north of Highway KR where the male was found pushing his SUV down the shoulder of the Interstate.

Upon arrival, deputies located the operator who was identified as 46-year-old male from the Rochester area. The male was found to be highly agitated and smelled of intoxicants. The driver was found to have defecated and urinated in the open parking lot of the park and ride by his vehicle.

The driver refused the deputies request to perform field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for his 8th offense of OWI. The male was found to be carrying a spring assisted knife on his person, and had several packets of heroin that was prepackaged for sale. The total weight of the packaged heroin was 6.1 grams.

There were also several needles and drug paraphernalia items found in the SUV.  

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