Police documents: Man fatally shot near Bayshore was arguing with girlfriend's coworker

Police documents: Man fatally shot near Bayshore was arguing with girlfriend’s coworker

GLENDALE, Wis. (CBS 58) -- New details have emerged in the fatal shooting of a 30-year-old Milwaukee man near Bayshore Town Center Sunday morning. 

Police documents reveal who the shooter is and a possible motive.

The man believed to have fired the shots was arrested Tuesday and is now in custody at the Milwaukee County Jail.

Early Sunday morning shots rang out in the U.S. Bank parking lot. Earlier that morning, a search warrant reveals that man was in a car with his girlfriend who works at Cheesecake Factory. 

They were arguing about her friendship with a 25-year-old male coworker, a cook at the restaurant, who ended up showing up for work that morning. 

The woman's boyfriend approached the coworker in the parking lot and they argued about the friendship. 

The boyfriend then got a tire iron from the trunk of his car and smashed the coworker's car window. The two men approached each other again, and the warrant says shots were fired. The boyfriend collapsed with gunshot wounds to his chest and back, and the coworker drove away. 

Glendale police arrested him two days later. 

No charges have been filed yet, so the suspect is not being named at this time.

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