Police continue search for shooter of 14-year-old shot while riding his scooter

NOW: Police continue search for shooter of 14-year-old shot while riding his scooter

RACINE, WI (CBS 58) -- The family of a 14-year-old boy shot on a scooter in Racine says the prognosis isn’t good.

Police continue the hunt for who’s responsible.

Doctors are telling them Drekarion Williams will never walk again. They’re praying for a miracle.

Eighth grader Drekarion Williams loves sports and he loves video games.

Friends and family call him Bob.

“He’s a great kid. I mean, it’s kind of hard talking about it right now, I mean,” said Scott Williams, Drekarion's father.

His dad has barely slept since Sunday after learning his son was shot.

“So hard man, it’s hard,” said Williams.

Williams says it was a driveby shooting at Carlisle and Albert.

Bob was struck while riding a scooter with his cousin early Sunday.

Neighbors say other than some car break-ins, stuff like this doesn’t happen here.

“And you know for something like that to happen on the block where my little brother and my little sister stay, that’s really scary,” said lavaya Hill who lives nearby.

“When I was growing up we wasn’t, it wasn’t like that, it was peaceful,” said Eneieayoin Gonzalez who lives in the neighborhood.

“You know this is always very quiet neighborhood always and I was really shocked that that happened,” said Salvador Ibarra, a local neighbor.

Scott Williams met with us to talk outside Froedtert Hospital on Friday, May 21.

Bob was airlifted there Sunday.

“Just seeing him struggling everyday, crying and he wants to go home, he’s in pain and not knowing the outcome of his injuries,” said Williams.

Family hasn’t given up hope that this young football player will run on that field again…for now…these are scary days.

“He’s got to struggle the rest of his life basically mentally, physically, emotionally, his and my whole family’s also…yeah, too hard to talk about it,” said Williams.

A GoFundMe seeks to help as the cost of care now, and in the future will be great.

“He’s gonna be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life, I mean I hope not, doctors are wrong,” said Williams.

There is now a $15-thousand reward in the case.

Police tell me they have no updates since Sunday.

CLICK HERE to access the GoFundMe for Drekarion Williams.

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