Police chief in Wisconsin resigns amid misconduct allegations

OWEN, Wis. (AP) — A police chief in central Wisconsin has resigned amid a series of misconduct allegations, including misuse of power and failure to enforce the law.

Owen Mayor Charles Milliren confirms that Andrew Schade submitted his resignation Wednesday. The Owen City Council had ordered an investigation into Schade after suspecting that he had failed to enforce city, county and state laws.

Dunn County Sheriff's Sgt. Todd Kurtzahls conducted the investigation. His report submitted Dec. 13 says Schade neglected basic job duties and misused city resources.

The city's board president, Pam Jaffke, has filed several charges against Schade based on the report findings. Those charges include a failure to preserve the health safety, public peace and social order of the city and its residents.

Schade had been placed on paid administrative leave since September.

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