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Police Chief Ed Flynn accuses Fire and Police Commission of meeting in secret about pursuit policy

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn is accusing The Fire and Police Commission of meeting in secret to change the police department's pursuit policy.

"It was our good faith attempt to limit the damage to the public."

Milwaukee Police only chase cars involved in violent crimes or if the driver is a known felon.

The Commission ordered Flynn to expand the policy to crack down on reckless driving.

Chief Flynn says the Commission issued the order while he was on vacation and would have liked to be involved in the decision.

"So I'm not adamantly opposed to changing, given that clearly there's an extraordinary consensus on both apparently the board as well as the council that this occurs. I'm willing to engage in that conversation. But I do have some concerns about why we weren't involved."

Flynn has seven days to submit policy changes to the Commission. He tells us he'll respond to the order but adds the Commission is asking his department to go in a "dangerous direction."

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