Police advise not answering calls from "112"

MILWAUKEE -- Several local residents are reporting a strange phone message about debit cards that somehow redirects them to 911 dispatchers.

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn says calls into their 911 system started around 8:00 a.m. on April 11, 2014. People are reporting getting strange messages from a strange number.

A message circulating with a 112 caller ID number is telling people there's something wrong with their bank car and that they should dial 112. When people dial 112 it forwards them to 911.

Chief Flynn says, \"Obviously if this happens too much it will delay our response time to genuine emergencies.\"

 The motive of these messages is still unclear. Waukesha County Communication Center Supervisor Christine Bannister says, \"Now we are trying to figure out if they are trying to take down the 911 system or if it's a scam where they benefit from you calling our number or if it's a scam that went awry technologically.\"

While investigative bodies like the F.B.I. figure out this mystery, police advise not answering any call from 211.

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