Police Add Extra OWI Patrols For New Years Celebrations

Police are gearing up for the new year’s celebrations.  Wisconsin has one of the highest rates for drunk drivers in the country, but local agencies are hoping that number will decrease soon.

In an effort to keep everyone safe for the new year, police are increasing OWI patrols.

In West Allis, the department will have 3 patrol officers specifically looking for drunk drivers in addition to the normal patrols. 

Lieutenant Todd Clementi told CBS 58 the department has responded to almost 200 alcohol related crashes throughout the year. 

Unfortunately, the department has seen a slight increase in the number of owi's this year compared to last. 

Lt. Clementi says that number is frustrating because drunk driving cases are preventable. 

“There's no reason any more to be having cocktails and getting behind the wheel. You have so many other options. There is Uber, there is Lyft, there's taxi cabs. Everybody has a cell phone, you can phone a friend to get a ride home. You don't need to go out after having a couple of drinks and get into a crash or just put yourself in harms way by drinking and driving," said Lt. Clementi.

OWI patrols will continue through Friday.

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