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Police warn of phone scam using Milwaukee priest's name

NOW: Police warn of phone scam using Milwaukee priest’s name


MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Police are warning people about a scammer pretending to be a Milwaukee Catholic priest to get money from parishioners.

According to Whitefish Bay Police, a church member reported getting a phone call from someone asking for help. The individual pretended to be Father Timothy Kitzke, pastor of Three Holy Women Parish on the east side.

The person on the other end of the phone requested they buy gift cards, and then wanted photographs of the cards, along with pin numbers sent to a cell phone number.

Unfortunately the church member fell for the scam.

“This person after all a sudden having given a rather hefty amount, said 'there's something,' called me and I said, 'I would never do that,"' Father Kitzke said.

He made the message clear during his homily. "If you receive any text or email from me asking you for something, do not respond. If I want something from you, I will call you directly."

Faithful followers said they're grateful to find out about the scam, so they won't be next. “Terrible that they're doing this,” said Rosalia Ferrante. “I'm glad they told us because if somebody calls, now we know."

Police advise whenever getting unsolicited phone calls, it's best to double check who you're sending money to.

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cool_elijah 318 days ago
I think people need to know about such scams by now. There are so many fake donation scammers since few years ago. Sometimes they posed as Police officers, pastors, firemen, etc. Their trick is always the same. I've read thousands of reports at social media and some websites like http://whycall.me. People need to be on extra guard and keep informing family.
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