Poison Center warns of candy laced with drugs

MILWAUKEE- Hiding drugs in candy appears to be a growing trend and the Wisconsin Poison center is warning parents about it.

They said that candy, specifically suckers and toffee, is being melted down and laced with with crushed prescription drugs or powered illicit drugs.

Stimulants such as amphetamines have been discovered in the \"treats\".

The idea is that the candy makes the drug hard to detect.

Hiding drugs in candy isn't completely new to police, for example \"Skittles\" bags were once used to conceal ecstasy according to the Germantown Police.

This is different because the drugs become part of the candy.

Police advise parents to check their kids candy on Halloween and say if anything looks off, toss it out or call police.

The Wisconsin Poison Center also said they've had eight cases in the last 12 months of children accidentally eating baked goods laced with marijuana.


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