Pleasant Prairie Police Begin Field Testing Body Cameras

As part of the 2016 budget, the Pleasant Prairie Village Board approved funding for the Pleasant Prairie Police Department to purchase body cameras. Officers are currently field testing two body worn cameras prior to the purchase of units for the department.

During the field testing program, several patrol officers will be using the technology for a period of time to determine which model best suits the department’s needs. In 2014, the Pleasant Prairie Police Department installed cameras in squad cars and has found them useful. The cameras aid the officers in their daily duties and also assist in the prosecution of criminal cases.

Chief David Smetana stated, “I’m extremely proud of our officers. I anticipate that the use of body worn cameras will further assist in the performance of their duties and will confirm that we are doing things the right way, for the right reasons, and at the right times.”

Officers will be given guidance on the use of the cameras during the testing period. A formal policy will be developed after a model of the body worn camera has been selected by the department after the field testing is completed.

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