Plea in Chinchilla Case Allows Couple to Get 50 Chinchillas Back

The Humane Animal Welfare Society has written a letter to the Waukesha judge presiding over a chinchilla hoarding case.

Both Garrett and Trician Rees are in court tomorrow for a plea and sentencing hearing.

A part of that plea will allow them to get back 50 of the more than 300 chinchillas seized from their home last summer.

HAWS believes the couple has intentions of breeding the animals again.

“It is our fear that this situation could very easily happen again the rate of breeding for chinchillas is very quick and knowing that they ended up with 300 last time we feel that it would be very easy for those 50 that are remaining to turn into another 300 again very quickly and we'd be back at the same situation we were at before,” said a spokesperson for HAWS.

The 270 other chinchillas have been adopted.

And that's what "HAWs" wants for the remaining 50 instead of them being used for breeding.

The plea and sentencing is scheduled for 2:15 tomorrow afternoon.


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