Plants Help Detoxify Air in Homes

Plants can help to remove chemicals from inside the home. 

English Ivy is said to remove chemicals in the air that cause headaches, nausea, drowsiness, itchy eyes, and long term heart problems, liver and kidney damage.

Heidi Hornung is a big part of this growing greenhouse

"A lot of people want colored leaves inside and this is something that holds its color," said Hornung.

Shady Lane is always a little cooler and more sparse in the winter.

"These button ferns. i like the name and they don't shed," said Dr. Patti Nagai,

Nagai says right now may be the time you need to see green the most.

"Plants can help (with sick building syndrome and) making people feel better about being inside when we have to be inside," said Nagai.

Back in the 60s when a lot of our space program was really gearing up NASA found out house plants aren't just there to look nice.

"There was a scientist who was super concerned about the number of volitile chemicals that were increasing, accumulating in an enclosed environment, like space lab," Nagai said.

Thiis scientist found out, certain plants clean 170 different chemicals in the air indoors.

Benzyne formaldahiyde and Tryclorethelyne and these nasty sounding chemicals are found in your house.

The chemicals are  in new carpet, new drapes, paint, varnish, stain and cleaning products.

Experts recommend 2 medium sized plants for a 10 by 10 room. 

Now that you know what plants to get, taking care of them is the next step.
Patti says over watering is biggest problem.

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