Plan now for perfection later for your lawn & garden

NOW: Plan now for perfection later for your lawn & garden

Oak Creek (CBS 58)--The last bit of snow is melting away just in time for the start of spring on Wednesday and the beginning of growing season.  One lawn and garden expert at Blain's Farm and Fleet says now is when you should be actively planning and doing.  Everything from testing the soil and its acidity level in addition to seeing what the moisture content is.  Also, it's advised to treat for crabgrass sooner than later. Preparation now, it's believed, just might give you perfection when you're really enjoying the outside surroundings during the summer.

As far as lawn care goes, it's recommended to water and fertilize sufficiently.  Also you want to treat the weeds with pre-emergence herbicide.  Blain's Farm and Fleet has a helpful "how to" section on its website for all types of yard help.  Click here for further assistance.

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