Pictures of stranger show up on woman's social media accounts after phone stolen at hospital

NOW: Pictures of stranger show up on woman’s social media accounts after phone stolen at hospital

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman’s phone is stolen from her hospital room, and now she’s finding pictures of a stranger on her social media accounts.

Lori Speener was at Aurora St. Luke’s Hospital getting her heart tested in the cardiac unit. She says she was out of her room for about an hour and a half.

She’s positive the phone was left on a bedside table.

Now, Speener and her daughter Jessica are questioning the hospital’s security protocols.

"It was just kind of a scary situation for me because she's at the hospital alone getting tests done and I couldn't contact her,” Jessica said. “I couldn't get a hold of her. Her phone was off."

On her new phone, Speener connected to her Google account, and found several pictures of a young man had been recently uploaded. In one of them, he’s pointing a gun at the camera.

“It’s scary,” Speener said. “He’s got [all the] information on my phone now.”

CBS 58 asked Aurora Health Care if there was security footage of the theft, as well as about how patients’ belongings are kept secure.

A spokesperson responded, saying, "Patient safety and security is our top priority. We immediately launched an internal investigation and are working with local authorities, who are handling this matter."

Speener says the hospital will not reimburse her.

Her daughter says she was told there are no cameras in that hallway either.

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