Phase I: Inside look at Racine Arena and Event Center plans

Phase I: Inside look at Racine Arena and Event Center plans

The Redevelopment Authority of Racine presented renderings and plans for the first phase of the Racine Arena and Event Center.

“This is another piece of the puzzle. So if we are not going to do things like that we are simply not going to be able to attract the young people to move Racine forward” said Racine Mayor John Dickert.

Developers on the project spoke about the possibilities the arena could bring. The space could transform into a variety of spaces from a hockey rink into a basketball court. As a concert arena, it would be able to hold 5,000 attendees.

The project will be built near Lake Avenue and Gas Light Drive, which is close in proximity to the lake. The 208,000 square foot project includes 150 hotel rooms, an arena, event center and restaurant. The City Development Director Amy Connolly said this will bring more jobs into area.

“That’s almost 250 jobs for the community of Racine’s size that would make a dramatic impact on our employment levels” said Connolly.

Some concerns were brought up like environmental impact, parking and cost.

“How do you explain to them that there is hopefully revenue generated by the events being held there?” asked Alderman Raymond DeHaun, 7th District.

There will be a financial meeting next Tuesday on June 27th to go over how much the proposed project will cost.

If the project is approved, organizers hope to start construction next May and have it completed by Spring 2020.

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