PGA Championship's meteorologist watches for storms tomorrow

PGA has its own on site meteorologist and he watches data and computer models like a hawk. 
Brad Nelson with Schneider Electric, out of Minneapolis, has been doing this job for eight years now. He has his own make shift weather center, not to mention a lightning detector on the premise. 
He said Whistling Straits can be such a challenge because of the changing wind speeds and direction. 
Nelson does tell me it is hard to have the perfect weather for the tourney, but believe it or not it can happen. 
\"At this course you definitely want light winds. Which is not always the case. A little bit of cloud cover and comfortable temperatures. With dry conditions and low humidity,\" Nelson said. 
A damp course can make for some difficult challenges. 
\"It is a little soft so you will see some divots and the ball will not roll as far. The green speeds are a little low,\" Nelson said. 
He said with the wind speeds the grass should firm up. 
Nelson does warn that they see storms on Friday, if that does happen they will evacuate the course if they see lightning. 
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