Pet photo contest ends July 17

Don't forget to snap a few pics of your four-legged friends celebrating with you this summer! The deadline for Wisconsin Humane Society 2016 Calendar Contest entries is July 17, so be sure to snap away if you don't already have the perfect shot. Learn more about the calendar contest and enter your photos at Your pet could win Animal of the Month *and* their photo printed on canvas!

A few good tips to keep in mind when photographing your animal:

  • Natural light is better than flash, so get your pup outside or take your kitty pics in a sunlit room.
  • You don't need an expensive camera to get a great photo - most of today's cellphone cameras are pretty impressive, just be sure that your resolution is set nice and high.
  • Safety first! Don't let your animal off-leash in an unfenced place they're not familiar with, and always be sure their tags & microchip are up to date.
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