Pet of the week: Susie

The Wisconsin Humane Society is showing off another adorable and adoptable pet. Susie is a 2-month-old domestic short hair kitten. She's the only girl of the 4-kitten litter, and she's very playful around her three brothers. Staff at the humane society recommends adopting kittens in pairs because it helps cats socialize.

“They have somebody to play with and keep them company, they tend to wake their sibling in the middle of the night if they need play time instead of waking you up, which can be nice for those extra of sleep as they’re growing. And it does make for really social, wonderful cats," said Allie Christman, the Marketing Director at the Humane Society. 

These kittens were part of a surprise litter, which the owner could not care for. The humane society says this serves as a good reminder to get cats and dogs spayed and neutered. To help alleviate the financial burden, the humane society offers a low cost clinic in West Allis. The clinic costs $105 for dogs and $75 for cats, which includes a wellness exam and nail trimming. The shelter hopes it will reduce over-population in the community. For more information about Susie, or any pets at the humane society, call (414) 264-6257 or click here.

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