Permanent memorial unveiled in tribute to slain city inspector Greg 'Ziggy' Zyszkiewicz

NOW: Permanent memorial unveiled in tribute to slain city inspector Greg ’Ziggy’ Zyszkiewicz

On Tuesday, what would have been his 65th birthday, colleagues, family and friends gathered to unveil a permanent memorial to Greg "Ziggy" Zyszkiewicz.

"It's our commitment to the family to never, ever forget," said Preston D. Cole, Commissioner of Neighborhood Services in Milwaukee.

The afternoon event was filled with many happy memories shared by many in the crowd.

But there was also the sheer agony of remembering what happened five months ago today.

Ziggy was fatally shot for his personal car that he had taken on a house inspection near 24th and Cherry.

"For many of us who loved him, we can still not make sense of it," said Ziggy's daughter Heather. "For the majority of us we never will. But we hope this memorial will be a place where people can gather and heal from this hurt."

The Department of Neighborhood Services is allowing workers to wear the words "Ziggy Strong" on their sleeves as a form of tribute.

His widow wore one of the shirts after the ceremony.

The permanent memorial, which includes a plaque, bench and garden area, is located at the Anderson Tower and Municipal Building at 6th and Howard on Milwaukee's south side.

Several people have been arrested for the crime.

So often, victims family members talk about losing control of the narrative about their loves ones.

With the support of the City of Milwaukee and Mayor Tom Barrett, Ziggy's sister Elaine says this is one way the family can take back control.

Ziggy was so much more than a crime victim. He was a husband, father and grandfather who served the city of Milwaukee for 33 years and died in the line of duty.

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