People soak up last moments of Summerfest on its final weekend of 2021

NOW: People soak up last moments of Summerfest on its final weekend of 2021

MILWAUKEE, Wis. (CBS 58)-- People are soaking up every second of Summerfest on its last weekend of the year.

Tickets for headliners Miley Cyrus on Friday and Guns N' Roses on Saturday, are nearly sold out.

The final weekend of Summerfest is bringing out people who have never been before.

"We love it. We walked in and we were like, 'it's a carnival!' We already rode the little sky coaster and everything," Jennifer Vandevelde said. 

Vandevelde and her friend Zoe Gaura sported similar Hannah Montana T-shirts ahead of Cyrus' concert.

"We're on the lawn, but we make a party wherever we go. So, we will be dancing hard on the lawn," Gaura said.

Others have been returning to the music festival for years.

"We're going to see who we see today, but it doesn't really matter. It's Summerfest. It's the people that make it, and being out here is just wonderful," Brian Reynolds said.

A lot of changes made Summerfest possible this year. Some will stick around. Others won't.

"We like being the first event in the summer rather than the last event," Vice President of Entertainment for Summerfest Bob Babisch said.

Summerfest will return to late June in 2022, but it will continue to be spread out over three weekends.

"That gives you a bigger space to find bands who are touring during your time and coming through the Midwest," Babisch said. "It helps to put together the kind of talent lineups we do."

As Summerfest 2021 comes to a close, people are already waiting for it to start all over again.

"I'm going to keep coming forever and ever," Reynolds said.

"We'll be back next year to see Justin Bieber," Vandevelde and Guara said. "We've already made the plans.

Entry to Summerfest on Saturday will be free from noon to 7 p.m.

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