People miss flights because of traffic to the airport

MILWAUKEE-Monday morning's snowfall created great difficulty for passengers trying to get to Mitchell International Airport to make their flight in time.

For Linda McCormack, the usual two hours trip from Green Bay took six hours and she missed her flight to Atlanta to be with her brother.

\"We thought we had plenty of time,\" McCormack told CBS 58 News, \" We left at 6:15 this morning and our flight didn't take off until 10:50.  We got here at 12:15. It was unbelievable how it took.  Cars, trucks, semi's, everything stopped.\"

As of Monday afternoon, Mitchell officials say the only flights that were affected were from Dallas, because of an ice storm.

\"If we get heavy impacts like at other airports, like Dallas or Atlanta or the airports in New York, we could see impacts here in Milwaukee because of the weather elsewhere,\" said Marketing Manager Ryan McAdams.

Those passengers who were delayed because of Dallas were to be on their way by Monday evening.


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