People living in Milwaukee's 'Tent City' ordered to evacuate by end of month

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People living in Milwaukee's homeless encampment known as 'Tent City' were told they need to evacuate by the end of the month.

For years, dozens of people have made 'Tent City' their home. It's located under the Marquette Interchange near 6th and Clybourn.

The Department of Transportation says they're working with Milwaukee County to find other housing options for people living in 'Tent City.'

Nick Marincic visits on a weekly basis to provide basic needs for people living there. He and other advocates say many do not want to go to a homeless shelter.

"A lot of them have mental issues or drug issues or whatever and they don't feel comfortable or safe," said Marincic.

"Just want to be free, wanting to be on their own, wanting to have their own house even if it's just a tent is a feeling of independence," said Sarah Martinez.

The Department of Transportation and IMPACT of Milwaukee County have already interviewed more than 80 people who currently live in 'Tent City.'

Before the end of the month, the organization hopes to relocate them to a shelter, with family and friends, or in subsidized housing.

"What we found through our assessments is that people are staying there primarily because the lack of affordable housing and that's what they told us they need," said Emily Kenney with IMPACT.

"Tent City' will soon be under construction.

The DOT is partnering with the city on a green project in that area, aimed at bettering water quality and managing stormwater runoff. 

The DOT says they hope to start construction by late fall and finish by next spring or summer. 

For more information on the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services Housing Division, CLICK HERE

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