Pedestrian Mall Design Approved by Common Council

Plans for a pedestrian mall in the surrounding entertainment district are also moving ahead.

The common council gave the okay for the entertainment district design this morning

The pedestrian mall will sit at the site of the former fourth and highland parking structure.

The design team says the pedestrian mall will be a space that is flexible, can have multiple uses, and promotes activity.

It can host farmer markets, concerts, small basketball tournaments and a number of green spaces for people to relax and do as they please.

Milwaukee Bucks Presidents Peter Feigin, says this will be a year round destination and it's something that can transform the city.

Common Council President Ashanti Hamilton says it will change the downtown Milwaukee experience.

“The mall is gonna play a major role in the whole experience in going to see games and coming down to the arena. I think this live block is something people should get excited about. This is what people will experience the most of when they come to events downtown,” said Hamilton.

The entertainment block is expected to be done in time for the opening of the new area in the fall of 2018

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