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Passengers React To Amtrak Fire

Elizabeth Tripp was one of the 51 passengers on the Amtrak train that left Chicago at 10:20 a.m. with destination to Milwaukee. She was coming into town for her sister's graduation at Marquette University.

\"Everyone could smell smoke so we knew something was wrong,” Tripp said. “The conductor said the engine had caught on fire and he asked us to move to the furthest car.\"

Tripp said they were taken off the train within minutes and taken down a hill to get away from the burning train.

\"Everyone was really helpful, trying to make light of the situation,” Tripp said. “But it was difficult.”

“There were some elderly people there who had trouble, everyone had their luggage with them,” she said. “I was pretty shaken up by what had just happened.\"

Tripp said considering what just took place in Philadelphia, this situation was minor.

\"That was definitely going through my head, to admit it, I was definitely shaken up, Tripp said. “Thankful it wasn't worse.\"

Pamela Cannon was also on that train headed home.

“The police came of course and the firemen got on their ladder, took out the smoke and we went down the hill and the Milwaukee county bus took us.\"

The bus took a few passengers back to the station on St. Paul Avenue. Cannon said she's satisfied with Amtrak's speedy response.

\" I'm grateful that we were all safe,” Cannon said. “You never know what's ahead of us so we live day to day and it's a blessing.\"

The 1 p.m. train was canceled and Jacob McMahon was delayed because of the fire. He expressed his concern.

\"I hope we make it there I mean I'm a little scared now giving everything that's happening,\" McMahon said.

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