Park East Corridor Expected to Create 10,000 Jobs

Milwaukee County officials said jobs and investment are well underway thanks to the Park East corridor.

County executive Chris Abele was joined by county officials and partners made the announcement on Monday.

The county executive announced today that 98% of the land in the Park East Corridor is either under development or has an option to purchase.

He said the construction taking place here at 3rd and Juneau is proof that More Milwaukee men and women are working.

Abele said that the multiple development projects happening in this area could translate into 14 thousand jobs and 2 million dollars in economic impact.

Many of the jobs will be in construction and the county is helping to make sure people

"We have already started in the county to create and invest in programs to help take advantage of these jobs. Milwaukee workers will help take advantage of these jobs that are going on right now," said Abele.

On the Park East Development alone, more than 10,000 jobs are expected to be created over the course of the development project.

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