Parents: Sneakers’ design could potentially be used to look up girls’ dresses

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– There’s controversy over a new sneaker design.

Some parents feel the sneakers could possibly make their child a victim without even knowing it.

The boys’ sneakers, Skechers Skech‑Rayz,  light up, have reflective sides and mirrors on the toes.

“I think they are super cool. The mirror is just a little design,” said one woman.

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Some say the round reflective design on the tip of the shoe could be used to look up little girls’ dresses.

“At first glance, ‘oh that’s going to reflect all of that’ but when you really pay attention to it, you cant make anything out,” said one man.

Some say maybe it’s a design flaw, calling the new sneakers an innocent mistake.

“It just looks like a mirror that’s in a fun house. You really can’t tell what’s in it, everything looks warped,” said a mother. “I don’t think boys are thinking about things like that at that age.”

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