Pandemic brings changes to Memorial Day ceremonies

NOW: Pandemic brings changes to Memorial Day ceremonies

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- People in Milwaukee were out and about on Memorial Day, enjoying the nice weather along Milwaukee's lakefront. Some came to the Milwaukee County War Memorial, Like Michael Knetsch. 

"Especially on this day to remember. I know it’s tradition everybody celebrates at parties, but this day is a special day for all the women who lost their lives and I want to make sure I’m here honoring our fallen brother,” Knetsch said. 

Honoring those fallen looks different this year. The Milwaukee Memorial Day was canceled, but the Wisconsin Veterans Museum held a minute of silence to remember fallen veterans. 

Milwaukee Harley Owners Group Chapter did that Sunday, May 24, with a short motorcycle ride from the State Fair Grounds to the Milwaukee County War Memorial. 

While remembering our fallen vets, many took the time to enjoy the nice weather along the lakefront. 

"Getting a barbecue in later today, and just enjoying a nice, quiet, enjoyable Memorial Day weekend," said John Koster, who was enjoying Milwaukee's lakefront. 

While it's so important why so many people have the day off, today is also an opportunity for people who have been cooped up for months to enjoy the nice weather. 

"I got up at like 5:30 [a.m.]. I like to come out here to see the sunrise. It’s kind of one of my favorite things to do,” Jessica Tjaden, who was enjoying the lakefront. 

As people headed to a beach or barbecue, Knetsch wants everyone to keep something in the back of their mind. 

"As the freedoms that we enjoy to do that everyday in our country,” said Knetsch.  

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