Packers Wide Receiver's Mother Has Fostered 17 Children Over the Years

Packers wide receiver Ty Montgomery helping raise awareness for the need for more foster families in Wisconsin.

Montgomery’s mother has fostered children her entire life.

They are a part of the "Don't leave them hanging" foster care recruitment campaign by the Coalition for Children, Youth and Families.

Ty's Mom, Lisa Frazier heeded that call when her son was in the third grade.

“Ty wanted siblings at the time,” said Lisa Frazier.

Frazier was foster mom to 17 children over the years.

“I didn’t want to break up the sibling sets,” said Frazier.

She said if she received a call that a set of brothers needed a home she took them all so that they weren’t separated.

Ty said it was fun growing up with foster siblings.

“I wanted brothers. So when they first arrived into the home I had brothers, I had best friends, I had companions,” said Ty.

Ty said the experience allowed him to be able to get along with anyone.

Ty said he wants to be an FBI agent after playing for the Packers to save lives. 

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