Packers vs. Lions Tickets Going Fast, One Fan Gets a Special Christmas Present

Packers-Lions tickets are going fast. So if you aren't one of the lucky ones who got them for Christmas, how much will it cost you now?

Let's start by saying it was a very Merry Christmas for those who did get tickets. So much joy, that we can agree, it's even fun to watch when it's a young Lions fan who got surprised.

This is 11-year-old Evan Schram from Traverse City, Michigan.

He got the surprise of his life when he found tickets to this weekend's game in one of his Christmas presents.

His parents say they bought the tickets week one, hoping it would be a good game and its turned out better than they planned.

And if you got tickets or still would like to go, here's some good news.

Tickets are still available. We found some as cheap as $107 online.

And hotels within 10 miles of the stadium: some for less than $100 a night!

John Lamoreaux with Ticket King says you better buy quickly though, because demand has been skyrocketing for this game.

"I don't know the exact number but it’s been really significant. Packer fans, as most people know, travel really well. It’s a close game, close to us and there's quite a few Packer fans in Michigan. I expect the game to be well attended by Packer fans," said Lamoreaux.

He says that while sales for Packers games dipped a while back when the team was having a rough patch, they're back up again and sales are above average.

He says last year was the best year for Packers ticket sales.

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