Packers Titletown installing 96 foot long lighted sign

GREEN BAY, Wis. (CBS 58) -- The skyline in the Packers' Titletown will get a bit brighter thanks to the installation of a new landmark sign adjacent to Ariens Hill and the ice skating rink.

The 13,000-pound lighted sign, now on top of the TitletownTech building, stands at just over 13 feet and stretches 96 feet long. The sign is lit by 820 feet of green LED lights and 1,000 feet of gold LED border tubes. The lights also can change to display a variety of colors.

The sign is double-sided and can be seen clearly from the east or west, and by those traveling down Lombardi Avenue or Ridge Road.

The marquee will be lit by Friday afternoon.

The TitletownTech building, which is set to open in the coming months, will house TitletownTech, the joint venture between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft that will spur economic expansion in Northeast Wisconsin and beyond by bringing world-class digital innovations and expertise to Greater Green Bay. TitletownTech will include an innovation lab, a venture studio and a venture fund to create, build, fund and invest in businesses and opportunities in the region.

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